2018 Workshops

Posey Bacopoulos: Thrown, Altered and Handbuilt Pottery
Suffolk County Community College, Ammerman Campus
Selden, NY
Saturday, April 14 & Sunday, April 15, 2018 10AM – 5PM

This workshop will focus on altering wheel thrown and handbuilt pots. The pots will combine both thrown, altered and handbuilt sections. A variety of altering techniques will be demonstrated. These will include several oval forms such as pitchers, vases and boxes. Different approaches to handles, spouts and feet will be explored for both thrown and handbuilt pots. Students will be supplied with clay and have time to try the demonstrated techniques. Majolica is a glaze tradition that began in the Middle East in the 9th Century. Ms. Bacopoulos’ approach to majolica surface decoration will be demonstrated. Handouts covering information about this process will be provided.

Posey Bacopoulos is a studio potter working in New York City. She has been making pots for more than 20 years. Her work has been shown in many national juried and invitational exhibitions, most recently in the 2017  Zanesville Prize show. It has won awards in these shows and has been published in numerous books including the Best Of Pottery 2, The Art of the Contemporary American Pottery and several Lark 500 books. She has taught workshops at Penland, Anderson Ranch and many other craft schools.

WORKSHOP FEE: $150 Members, $185 Non-members. Email info@licg.org for registration details.